The future of UK & Africa Insect Protein Collaboration

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We discuss the future collaboration opportunities between African and British companies. leveraging decentralised tech with a favourable regulatory environment (especially in East Africa) profitable and safe business models can follow.

Written by Larry Kotch

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The future is bright for UK – Africa partnership on insect protein. With the perfect conditions for rearing the black solider fly and many other insects on the African continent (Especially around the Equator) as well as more favourable legislative environments and largely agricultural economic output, African countries have a huge opportunity to leverage insect technology and reap economic, social and environmental benefits.

Currently there exist many barriers to scaling the industry which is just in it’s infancy. While billions of dollars have been invested into European and North American insect companies, favouring fully automated, expensive facilities, Africa must develop a suite of locally relevant technologies to take the industry to the next level and attract capital.

In this latest video our CEO Andrea Jagodic talks at the latest KTN event on Africa-UK insect protein collaboration along with other industry partners.

By leveraging the considerable investment in black soldier fly farming technology into the UK, many African counterparts could benefit from select technology transfer and likewise the UK and other European nations can learn much from the regulatory innovations and their benefits to the population developing in East Africa to date. Closer collaboration between the UK and African nations in the insect farming space is highly desirable.

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