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We’re bringing insect farming to you. Expect 1,000 Flybox insect farms
by 2030.

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We’re proud to have been involved in a number of groundbreaking projects and studies around the world. Here are a few we can share that represent the diverse application potential of Flybox.®

Who We Work With

We work closely with innovative organisations around the globe.

Flybox Modules

Modular. Scalable. Ready-to-go. Each Flybox® has a crucial role to play in any insect farm. 

Each Flybox® comes with unique technology, multiple potential loadouts, and in different combinations to suit your needs. Our versatility differentiates us from the other insect farms out there.

Farm Types

From a Starter Farm to the 360 Farm with all 5 modules,  or more—we build insect farms to fit your needs. We’ll help you determine the start, and provide the platform to scale.

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Flybox® is the trading name of Mana Biosystems Limited