Flybox £700k Raises Pre-Seed Funding

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Flybox completes a £700k pre seed investment round.

Written by Larry Kotch
Flybox Founders outside Flybox containers under construction

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To date Flybox® has raised over £700k in pre-seed funding via a Lead Angel Investor with a history of successful investments in the insect farming space along with an impact focused Family office and Innovation Grant funding bodies like Innovate UK and the Grantham Foundation.

All our investors and backers are counting on us to build the insect revolution and they all share our philosophy that insect farming must be available worldwide (Not just in Europe and America) and contribute to local food security around the world as well as limiting the CO2 emissions associated with waste transport.

Our innovative decentralized insect rearing business model has the capacity to improve waste management, feed prices and circular farming around the world for poor and wealthy nations alike. We are so thankful for all of our committed and inspired backers. Together we will transform agriculture into a circular system that unlocks value for the citizens of planet Earth allowing each human being to access a protein rich diet and build a life of meaning and dignity.‍

The Future Of Sustainable Food Production. Today.

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