Flybox® Impact

A big win for nature, food production
and everyone on the planet.

Flybox Changes Things. Here’s How.

We are predicted to be 60 million tonnes short of protein per year by 2050. 

Beyond the shortage, access to protein is a complex issue: some countries have and use surplus, while some simply don’t get enough. Flybox® technology can be deployed anywhere in the world, which means farmers and nations everywhere can increasingly own the means of protein production.

How we address the United Nations’
Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Zero Hunger
We provide not only nutritious but local protein using a fraction of the resources needed by conventional feeds like soy.
3. Good Health and Well-being
Insect feed has a positive impact on animal welfare, from better coverage to a decreased need for antibiotics.
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
Upcycling organic wastes means we prevent it from going to  landfill.
13. Climate Action
Our process mitigates food waste emissions and produces carbon neutral insect protein.
14. Life Below Water
Insect protein eases pressure on global fish stocks by displacing fishmeal in animal feed.


Tomorrow’s Sustainable Food Chain. Today.

Flybox® is the trading name of Mana Biosystems Limited